Members of EPG
  • Aeroflex Company Limited
  • Aeroklas Company Limited
  • Eastern Polypack Company Limited
  • EPG Innovation Center Company Limited
  • Aeroflex Polymer Technologies (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
  • Joint Ventures

Manufacture and distribution of thermal insulation By Aeroflex Co., Ltd., Subsidiaries and Joint ventures

“Aeroflex” (AFC)

Aeroflex Co., Ltd. is the world major manufacturer of thermal insulation using Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) which the company invents and continually conducts research and development; this invention is guaranteed with many patents, and expanded its sales to more than 100 countries across the world. Aeroflex’s thermal insulation outclasses its competitors with capability to operate in wider range of temperature between -200°C to 125°C. It is resistant to weather with high humidity and is also friendly with environment. Aeroflex’s products are broadly used in order to save energy by maintaining temperature constant in air conditioning system as insulation in the air ducting system and indoor chilled water / hot water piping, and piping insulation to prevent condensation.

Aeroflex’s insulations are distributed worldwide under 3 brand names (Trademarks): “AEROFLEX” “AEROCEL” and “CELFLEX”

At present, Aeroflex’s total manufacturing capacity of EPDM insulation is 24,000 tons/year and NBR insulation is 20,000 tons/per year from 5 manufacturing bases, locating in different countries across the globe which are Thailand, USA, India and China (2 bases). Additionally, Aeroflex conducts license business in 1 manufacturing bases in Russia. Accordingly, Aeroflex is assured of its performance to meet wide scope of requirements to ensure customers satisfaction.

*Remark: Two production bases in china are consisting 1) Aeroflex Polymer Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (APT) which is the subsidiaries of EPG and 2) Aerocel Construction Material (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. (ACM) which is the joint venture of Aeroflex.

Subsidiaries of Aeroflex Co., Ltd
  1. Aeroflex USA Inc. (USA)
  2. APS Co., Ltd (Thailand)
Associate of Aeroflex Co., Ltd
  1. Aerocel Construction Material (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. (China)
  2. ALP Aeroflex India Private Ltd. (India)

Manufacture and distribution of automotive parts and accessories by Aeroklas Co., Ltd. and subsidiaries and Joint Ventures


Aeroklas Co., Ltd. is the world leading manufacturer of automotive parts and accessories with product designs and development under Aeroklas’ patents. Aeroklas’s automotive parts and accessories are used for decoration and supplement to enhance efficient use of pick-up trucks.

Aeroklas’s distribute the product both domestic and international market under the Brand “Aeroklas” “TJM” “Flexiglass” and “Bocar”



Aeroklas’ main products are:

“Bed Liner”

Bed liner is installed on the trunk for increasing durability and loading performance. Aeroklas is the sole and first manufacturer in the world who develops technology and owns patent of installation system with no drilling required but using plate instead. Aeroklas’ bed liner is made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).


Canopy is installed on the trunk for enlarging passenger space as well as increasing safety to the carried loading. Aeroklas is the first manufacturer who manufactures and distributes special ABS Alloy canopy under Aeroklas’ specific formula. Comparing to other brands, Aeroklas’ canopy is lighter, with 2 layers being seamlessly integrated into a single piece. ABS Alloy canopy can prevent destructive impact of external high temperature while keeping internal temperature at a steady level. In addition, the ABS Alloy canopy also enhances safety in case of accident, as ABS Alloy does not crumble or breaks into sharp pieces upon impact and the product is also recyclable.

“Deck Cover"

Deck cover is a part installed at the back of the trunk with no drilling required while being lockable. Deck cover is designated to protect storage of materials in the trunk, protect against dust and rain as well as to upgrade the look of pickup truck. Aeroklas’ deck cover is made of Polycarbonate ABS (PC-ABS); the material is hard, resilient while the weight is much lighter compared to other competitive products.

“ Side Step”

Aeroklas’ side step is designed for SUV car and off-road pickup truck. The side step is used for providing easy step when accessing the car. The product is made of Polymer Alloy which has light weight and is environmentally friendly.

Other Products

Aeroklas has wide ranges of parts and accessories for pickup truck and passenger car including automotive parts for agricultural vehicle and multipurpose plastic sheets used in agricultural business.

Products under TJM Brand

TJM products Pty Ltd started its operation in Australia in 1973. The Company has established a long history of being a distributor of TJM brand. TJM distributes the products through 3 owned corporate stores, distribution channels and other automotive shops around Australia.

TJM is both expert and pioneer of the 4WD car accessories. The products by TJM are well trusted in regarding of design innovation and quality control of manufacture. The example of TJM product include: front and rear bumper, suspension, winch, and other outdoor accessories

Products under Flexiglass Brand

Flexiglass Pty. Ltd. commences its operation in 1949. The company operates the distribution of the automotive and accessories product for both 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive pick-up truck in Australia. The notable products are the Canopy and Trays. Flexiglass currently have 5 ownes branches and distributors and dealers in their network across Australia.

Aeroklas has 3 manufacturing bases located in Thailand China and Malaysia. However, the main manufacturing base remains in Thailand at IPP Industrial Estate, NikomPattana district, Rayong, and the manufacturing base in China is established in Shanghai, while the oversea subsidiaries in USA and Australia are delegated as distribution centers for its own territory and neighboring countries.



Subsidiaries of Aeroklas Co., Ltd
  1. Aeroklas USA Inc. (USA)
  2. Aeroklas Australia Pty Ltd. (Australia)
  3. Aeroklas (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (China)
  4. Aeroklas Malaysia Sdn.Bhd. (Malaysia)
Subsidiaries of Aeroklas Australia Pty Ltd.
  1. TJM Products Pty.Ltd. (Australia)
  2. Flexiglass Challenge Pty.Ltd. (Australia)
Subsidiaries of TJM Products Pty.Ltd.
  1. TJM Off-Road Products Inc. (USA)
  2. TJM Products MEA DMCC (UAE)
Investment in Joint Venture of Aeroklas Co., Ltd
  1. Aeroklas Duys (Pty.) Limited (South Africa)

Manufacture and distribution of plastic packaging by Eastern Polypack Co., Ltd.


Eastern Polypack’s main business is manufacture and distribution of disposable plastic packaging for food and beverage, for example, drinking cups, food containers, plates, and bowls. All products are manufactured under the trademark of “EPP”. EPP brand is well recognized as premium products among food and beverage industries at every level. Last year, the Company launched new trademark, which is “eici”, in order to expand the business to the non-premium product market.


EPP products are categorized into 2 main types

Plastic Packaging

The products manufactured and distributed by EPP are:

  1. Beverage packaging, for example, cold cup, hot cup, lid, and straw, are manufactured from many types of plastic, such as (1) Polypropylene (PP), (2) Polystyrene (PS) - General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS), High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), K-Resin, and (3) Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).
  2. Food packaging, for example, frozen food box which is high heat-resistant in microwave level, bakery box, fruit box, egg tray, and sauce cup, are made of the same plastic types for beverage packaging, depending on its qualification.

Plastic sheet

Eastern Polypack Co., Ltd. manufactures and distributes plastic sheet to customers in many industries who will transform plastic sheet to be their product, such as automotive parts, bottle and can pads, billboards, and various forms of roofing. Plastic sheets are made of various types of plastic, which are Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene Terephtalate (PET), Polystyrene (PS), Polycarbonate (PC), and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).

Eastern Polypack has 2 manufacturing bases in Thailand; the first one is situated in Pluak Daeng district, Rayong province, while the second one is located in IPP industrial Park, Nikhom Phatthana district, Rayong province, with total manufacturing capacity of 32,000 tons/year.

Creative innovation Organization

EPG Innovation Center Company Limited

EPG Innovation Center Co., Ltd. (EIC) conducts the research and development and testing for the materials and products, including calibration. EIC is an important organization supporting the research and development of EPG. In addition, EIC is one of the modern private polymer research lab centers in Thailand. With technology performance, testing tools and equipments, operation method, and experience of testing, EIC can provide services of product analysis and testing according to the test standards in the acceptable international level about rubber, plastic, metal, packaging, and automotive parts; moreover, dimensional and temperature calibration services can also be provided. Currently, testing services are also offered to other external companies.

The outstanding technology is as follow:

  1. Vibration Resistance Test; the test aim to assess Product quality under the condition of different type of vibration such as frequency / duration and length of time. The Test can be conduct either in horizontal or vertical in three different directions while control for the humidity and temperature in the chamber Testing room at the same time. The customer from automotive industries and Electronics products that rely on logistic transportation via Trucks / Train / Airplane and Ship are some of the major customer that interest in this test.
  2. Fire Testing is used for testing the ignition and flammability of materials; the testing tools are up to many important standards of the world, for example, Cone Calorimeter, UL, and LOI, which are used to test the insulation and all types of plastic according to the standards of UL, EN, FM, DIN, GB/T, BS, ASTM, and ISO.
  3. Walk-in Chamber is the technology used to simulate conditions to check for real product changes under temperature and relative humidity; by that it can handle temperatures between -50 and 150°C and humidity of 15 to 95% RH. This technology is mostly used in testing the automotive parts and construction materials according to the standards of each automotive company (Customer Method).
  4. Salt Spray Test is metal corrosion monitoring technology under various atmospheres according to the standards of ASTM, JIS and ISO.

EPG Innovation Center Co., Ltd. (EIC) received standard certification of ISO 9001:2015 / ISO/IEC 17025:2005 / private analytical laboratory Registration number W-230. In January 2017, EIC received ‘Ford Laboratory Accreditation’ which is the certified 54 listed of testing on colored products, and soft trim materials from Ford Motor Research and Engineering (Nanjing) Co.,Ltd. This enables EIC to be able to support the test in the Ford’s standards, and provide test to Ford’s customer. This is a significant advance accepted and recognized by many world-class companies.

Aeroflex Polymer Technologies (Shanghai) Limited (APT)

Eastern Polymer Group Public Company Limited incorporated Aeroflex Polymer Technologies (Shanghai) Limited (APT) in order to support production and distribution of 3 businesses aforementioned to ensure efficiency in business operation.

For example, supporting Eastern Polypack Company Limited (EPP) in sourcing products for trading i.e. papercap, plastic forks and spoons.

APT also support Aeroflex Company Limited (AFC) in producing importing and distribution of EPDM insulation and Support TJM in product sourcing / storing and distributing.

In addition APT also acts as international trading to help sourcing for Machinery / chemical use in production for the subsidiaries of Eastern Polymer Group.

Joint Venture

Eastern Polymer Group invest in Joint Venture with Sumiriko Eastern Rubber (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. and Zeon Advanced Polymix Co., Ltd.

Investment in Sumiriko Eastern Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd. for manufacturing of shock absorbing rubber and fuel hoses for motorcycles.

The Company has associated with Japanese firm, Sumitomo Riiko Company Group - one of the world biggest manufacturers of anti-vibration rubber. The product ranges include rubber covers for engine and fuel hoses for cars and motorcycles which are distributed to large manufacturers with production based in Thailand and worldwide.

The company has changed the name of Tokat Eastern rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd. To Sumiriko Eastern Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or SRK-ER on 1st of June 2018.The Company holds 30% of ordinary shares (not included preferred shares) in Sumiriko Eastern Rubber but is entitled to receive dividend and has voting rights at 20% in Sumiriko Eastern Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The reason is based on the fact that Sumitomo Riiko Co., Ltd. holds 25,000 preferred shares which allows voting right and receive dividend 30 times of ordinary shares. However, according to the joint venture agreement, any significant amendment must be approved by at least 81% of represented shares.

The products of Sumiriko Eastern Rubber are mainly distributed to domestic automotive manufacturers and assemblers. The remaining products are sold to companies under Sumitomo Riiko Company Group as well as other automotive firms worldwide.

Production Capacity and Factories: Sumiriko Eastern Rubber produces all products in its 2 factories located in IPP Industrial Estate, Nikom Pattana District, Rayong and Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, Pluakdaeng District, Rayong.

Investment in Zeon Advanced Polymix Co., Ltd.

This business is production and distribution of rubber compound for natural and artificial rubber used in various industries. Customers are from within the country and oversea whereby more than 70% of them are automotive industry which produces anti-vibration rubber, seals, car doors including rubber parts used in construction site. At present production capacity of Zeon Advanced Polymix is approximately 47,000 tonnes/year, - considered as one of the biggest manufacturers of compound rubber and artificial rubber in Thailand. The Company holds 27% of shares in Zeon Advanced Polymix Co., Ltd.

Majority of products from Zeon Advanced Polymix are distributed to more than 100 automotive part manufacturers (0riginal Equipment Manufacturer “OEM”) both domestically and overseas.